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Alan Johnson
Custom Pool Care was founded in 1989 by Alan Johnson, who has been in the swimming pool service industry since 1978. Over the past 30 years, Alan has worked hands on in every aspect of the pool industry. Alan has his Certified Pool Operator certification (C.P.O.), he has attended and completed classes and workshops offered by the industries leading manufacturers. In addition to attending classes, he has taught classes in water chemistry and pool operation for management companies around the Dallas area. Alan has taken college courses in Fluid Power to assure proper plumbing techniques in new work and to troubleshoot/remedy improper plumbing at existing equipment sites.

When Alan started it was primarily as a pool repair and cleaning service company, eventually growing into a full service, repair and remodel company. This took years of hard work - growing from a one-man show, performing all of the cleaning and repair jobs; learning how to set tile and brick, and how to make concrete and plaster repairs. As the knowledge came, so did employees and the company began to grow.

Mike Johnson
In 1991, Mike Johnson came on as a partner in the company. Mike has been in the pool industry since 1986. Before joining Alan at Custom Pool Care, Mike owned his own pool service and repair company. Mike has also worked his way to where he is now by being out in the field and doing the work himself. He has also attended classes and seminars sponsored by industry manufacturers such as PENTAIR / LETRO (includes Pac Fab, Sta Rite); POLARIS / ZODIAC / JANDY (includes Teledyne Laars); DEL OZONE. Mike is factory certified by JANDY INDUSTRIES & factory trained by PENTAIR, JANDY, & POLARIS.

To this day Mike and Alan can be found out at work sites, applying their years of knowledge and experience for the benefit of the customers.

Custom Pool Care prides itself on reliable, professional and quality workmanship. This is due to the fact that all employees are well trained, with all phases of the company having supervisors to route and oversee their department's operations. All pool cleaners are hired as full time employees, trained by the Service Department Supervisor and given a series of tests before entering the field.

Office Staff
At Custom Pool Care, we have a fully staffed office from 8:00 A.M.to 5:00 P.M. Monday - Friday with the message center checked on Saturdays. The office is staffed by Kathy Johnson, who has been in the pool industry for over 20 years and Sheri with 13 years of experience. Kathy is able to answer most pool related questions that may come up. This is a huge advantage, as few service companies have anyone with this experience in the office. All employees are equipped with two-way radios, so should a problem arise the proper people can be contacted and we can head off the problem quickly and efficiently.

Between Mike, Alan and Kathy there is nearly 50 combined years of experience in the pool service/repair industry. Most of our employees have been with us for years and all supervisors started out as pool cleaners and worked their way up to their current position.

Over the years other companies, including builders, have hired Custom Pool Care to train their employees to clean pools, perform repairs and troubleshoot problems. It is also common to receive calls from others in the industry asking advice to help solve problems facing them. We are proud that Custom Pool Care is thought of highly enough to have this kind of respect in the industry.

In just the last few years we have been hired by firms and individuals to finish work that was improperly performed, and have flown as far as North Carolina to give advice on remodel work needed on commercial pools.

We do not make this a regular practice, since we are based and work in north Dallas and surrounding areas. It is important to us to give our regular and loyal customers first priority.

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