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Are you having a new pool built or a old pool replastered? Now it's time to make sure you are getting the proper start up and after care.

30 years ago everyone had white plaster. Today there are numerous colors, techniques, and types of plaster. Different plaster types, especially colored plaster, require different start up techniques and require a large amount of attention during the first two (2) weeks. Unfortunately, we see builders and service companies that just don't understand how to perform proper plaster start up and after care. Over and over again we see builders build a $50,000 - $100,000 pool only to send the cheapest, least experienced person possible to do the start up. This is no place to cut corners just to save a few bucks.

A proper start up can not be done in one trip out using a gallon of acid, a couple scoops of chlorine and a brush. Most of today's plaster require an acid start. The proper amounts of acid, stain preventatives and a heavy dose of brushing will be needed on the first day of the pool being full. Done properly, the pool equipment can not be run (primed and circulating) for the first 5 to 7 days. The acid must be neutralized, so heaters and equipment are not damaged, before the pool can run. Once neutralized the rest of the chemistry can be balanced. Alkalinity, cyanuric acid, pH, chlorine, salt levels, etc. all need to be in balance before the start up is considered complete.

If not done properly your new plaster can develop heavy calcium deposits from lack of brushing and a high pH. Calcium will make a colored plaster look splotchy or pale in color. Tiles may also get a coating of calcium that could be difficult to remove. Low alkalinity can cause plaster to pit or etch. Low cyanuric acid will make it difficult to maintain chlorine levels. Too much cyanuric acid may require you to drain the pool to remove the excess levels of cyanuric acid from the water. Fresh water can have iron and other minerals in it. By not using a stain and scale preventative you take a chance of staining from the second the pool starts filling.

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